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I Need a Wig! Help! 

​Your complete satisfaction is our highest priority. We want to earn your trust and exceed your expectations! 

So you need a wig but you don't know the first thing about them. We understand. We've been there. First, take a deep breath! We're here to help. You can do this! The key? Having the right attitude. Be confident! Own it! Walk tall! Be that beautiful, confident woman that you are!   

Now that we’ve got that out of the way you need to ask yourself this, “Do I want a wig that looks like me or do I want something different?” Choosing the right wig can be a daunting task. From experience we have learned that it is usually best to go with a wig that is close to your natural style.

Secret Strands Wig Boutique only sells synthetic fiber wigs. The benefits of a synthetic wig include easy care, they are reasonably priced, the color is permanent, and they offer effortless styling. Because synthetic wigs come with fiber memory any built-in wave or curl pattern in the wig will hold its' shape with proper care. A well maintained synthetic wig can look and wear well for up to 6 months. While synthetic wigs are not flammable, you can not apply any heat as the fiber will melt. This is also true while wearing your wig around any source of heat so it it important that you are especially careful while cooking or may come in direct contact with a high heat source. 

Things to consider when purchasing a wig include:​

1. STYLE: Choose a wig close to your current hairstyle. What is going to look the most natural on you is a style that looks like YOU! A familiar style will help you feel more confident and make the transition from wearing your own hair to wearing wigs a good experience. As your comfort level increases, you can experiment with cut and color variations.
2. COLOR: Did you know? Most people can wear up to three shades darker or lighter than their natural color. So don't be afraid to experiment! If you've found a wig you love and don't want to change your style, try a new color to freshen up your look. And don't be afraid to change your color for the season. Switch it up by going slightly lighter in the spring and summer and darker in the fall and winter.

3. CAP: Whether your wig will be worn for fashion or medical reasons, it is extremely important that your wig's cap be comfortable. It should fit your head, be invisible, and allow the skin of your head to breathe.  

4. COST:  Most women choose synthetic wigs. Unlike the wigs of years past they look and feel good, need very little attention and care, and cost much less ($30 to $500) than the more expensive human hair wigs.

Let Secret Strands Wig Boutique help you choose a beautiful wig to meet your lifestyle, personality and budget.