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​Synthetic Wig Care


To keep your wig looking its best for as long as possible, always follow the wig manufacturer's care instructions, and use only products especially designed for synthetic wigs. 

If your wig becomes tangled, spray on a de-tangling product or leave-in conditioner made specifically for wigs and comb from the tips up. Do not force the comb through. Work slowly in small sections.

When shampooing your wig use a product specifically formulated for wigs.  Wigs do not receive the natural oil that the scalp makes and need special shampoos and conditioner. 

Do not dry your wig on a styrofoam head as this could stretch out the cap. We recommend using a wig stand that allows for air to circulate throughout the wig during drying.

Store your wig on a Styrofoam head or wig stand when not being worn to help maintain its shape.

Should your wig lose it's shape or become frizzy, give us a call. As long as your wig has not been damaged by heat we can usually restore it's shape and smoothness.